Farm to table

Witte's believes in clean, high quality products and fields.  We are not organic but we use the IPM method to control unwanted pests with the least amount of unnatural interference.  We strive for the widest variety of vegetables and fruits and are dedicated to the highest quality product with friendly, knowledgeable service.

The original farm was purchased in 1943 by Bob Witte’s grandfather, Edward. It was farmed by Bob’s father and uncle along with his grandfather and taken over by Bob and Chris in 1985. They raised their three children here, who plan to continue the farming tradition.

The family farm business is rapidly disappearing from southeastern Wisconsin. We hope that anyone visiting or shopping will have a unique experience you will always remember. We also offer occasional tours to school groups and other functions that are educational and fun! Enjoy meeting our family, our valued employees and the beautiful land that makes it all possible.