Beans: Green and Yellow:  1.25 a lb

Beets:   .40 a lb

Please remember containers to pick in!


I am sorry to report that we had Hail on the 10th of August. This will effect the quality and supply of PYO.

Pinto Beans: .95

Greens:   .95

Yellow Peppers:   1.25 a lb

 Green Peppers: 1.25 a lb

Hot Peppers: 1.25 a lb 

Roma tomatoes:  .50 a lb

Tomatoes:  .50 a lb

Red Peppers:  1.25 a lb

Raspberries:  3.00 a lb with a 4 lb minimum



Green and Yellow Beans:  1.25 a lb

and above!


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Pick-Your-Own Information:

  • Witte's accepts cash and checks, only.  
              ($25.00 charge for returned checks)
  • A minimum amount to be picked is set
  • Wet or Rainy days fields will be closed : for a full sunny day - Please call!
  • PYO hours:  M - Sat: 8 am to 6 pm / Sun 8 am to 4 pm

Please bring containers to pick in (Witte's no longer borrows bushels)

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